The Wind Blows (바람이 분다) 1

Life is all about sharing joys and miseries with people who care about you so I figured I would introduce you a song that I like to listen to late night.


The Wind Blows (바람이 분다)


The wind blows in a gloomy heart (바람이 분다 서러운 마음에)

Empty scenery blows (텅 빈 풍경이 불어온다)

On my way back from getting my haircut (머리를 자르고 돌아오는 길에)

I pour tears throughout (내내 글썽이던 눈물을 쏟는다)

The sky is wet on a dark street (하늘이 젖는다 어두운 거리에)


Cold raindrops fall (찬 빗방울이 떨어진다)

The rain that follows the crowd (무리를 지으며 따라오는 비는)

I think it’s far from me and the rain seemed to stop falling (내게서 먼 것 같아 이미 그친 것 같아)

The world is the same as yesterday and the time is running (세상은 어제와 같고 시간은 흐르고 있고)

I am the only one who changed (나만 혼자 이렇게 달라져 있다)

My wishes are scattered in the wind (바람에 흩어져 버린 허무한 내 소원들은)

It just goes away (애타게 사라져간다)


The wind blows in the cold wind (바람이 분다 시린 한기 속에)

I recollect the past (지난 시간을 되돌린다)

You are standing at the end of summer (여름 끝에 선 너의 뒷모습이)

I felt it was cold. I seem to know (차가웠던 것 같아 다 알 것 같아)


The days when I could not sleep that were important for me (내게는 소중했던 잠 못 이루던 날들이)

You are no different from now (너에겐 지금과 다르지 않았다)

Love is a tragedy and you are not me (사랑은 비극이어라 그대는 내가 아니다)

Memories are written differently (추억은 다르게 적힌다)


My farewell does not say goodbye (나의 이별은 잘 가라는 인사도 없이)

It is done (치러진다)


The world is like yesterday and the time is running (세상은 어제와 같고 시간은 흐르고 있고)

I am the only one who changed like this (나만 혼자 이렇게 달라져 있다)

I had memories that were like a thousand gold (내게는 천금 같았던 추억이 담겨져 있던)

The wind blows over my head (머리 위로 바람이 분다)


Tears flow (눈물이 흐른다)









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One thought on “The Wind Blows (바람이 분다)

  • Diana

    Beautiful song and touching voice. Never thought I’d leave a comment. Sad but cheered same time. Thank you for sharing BSR. A female reader from Hamilton.