My portfolio 21


My Core Holdings

Lassonde Industries


CGI Group

Stella Jones

MTY FoodGroup

Couche Tard

Constellation Software

Dollar Tree

Union Pacific

Exco Technologies

Hardwood Distribution



Canadian Western Bank



Restructuring my portfolio and changing investing style

I invest in about 15 companies. I see stocks as my employees and trust me I am their worst nightmare. 👿 I perform my rigorous screening process from tens of thousands applicants. I select only 30-40 employees to interview then I hire only 1 of the best at a time by paying him/her upfront payment. Once employees are hired, I pay them nothing. No pay, no benefit, no holiday… 😡 I infamously enforce 24/7 working hour policy. They cannot walk off and I only can fire them based on their performances. Strangely, 😯  they have been bringing in more and more money everyday to me and even bringing their friends to sign the employee contract for free!! I guess life is good 😀


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