My portfolio 22


I manage highly concentrated portfolio. Top 10 stocks account for more than 85% of total portfolio value.

What are they? You can easily find out what they are by reading through my blog posts. Hope you don’t regret your time here.


I see stocks as my employees and trust me I am their worst nightmare. πŸ‘Ώ

I perform my rigorous screening process from tens of thousands applicants.

I select only 30-40 employees to interview then I hire only 1 of the best at a time by paying him/her upfront payment.

Once employees are hired, I pay them nothing.

No pay, no benefit, no holiday… 😑

I infamously enforce 24/7 working hour policy.

They cannot walk off and I only can fire them based on their performances.

Strangely, 😯  they have been bringing in more and more money everyday to me and even bringing their friends to sign the employee contract for free!!

I guess life is good πŸ˜€


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